Need a Loan or Finance? Blacklisted?

Need a Personal Loan, But Blacklisted.

Need a Loan or Finance? Blacklisted?

Struggling to find a Personal Loan?

Need Personal Finance, but Blacklisted?

Need Personal Loan, but Blacklisted?

Bad Credit History Loan

The trouble with a bad credit history is that it reflects on your free credit report, which often results in rejected loan applications. The approval process lenders follow involves ensuring that consumers who apply for loans can manage the expectation of monthly repayments. It is necessary to practice safe lending, and a Bad Credit History Loan can be granted with this in mind.

At iLoans, we provide loans to consumers facing various situations and often work with blacklisted clients. Many times, our clients need financial assistance but are hindered by their financial past and their credit reports. If this sounds like you, a Bad Credit History Loan could be the answer you’re seeking. What’s more, our lenders are all registered with the National Credit Regulator, ensuring your complete protection through transparent loan agreement terms.

Is A Bad Credit History Loan right for you?

If you’re wondering whether this is the right solution to your financial difficulties, we can help you make the right decision. Our team will never provide a loan to a client who clearly cannot afford it, and we conduct the necessary assessments of your income and expenses to determine this. A Bad Credit History Loan is only helpful if you do not suffer in the months to come, due to the added responsibility of a monthly loan repayment.

If you are employed and can manage the responsibility of acquiring a loan, this is a good start. Your credit history may reflect a time in your past that you’ve overcome. In this case, a Bad Credit History Loan can offer you the cash you need to enjoy an exciting life event or afford unforeseen expenses. For this type of loan to be given, you will be required to place one or more valuables as collateral. This means that, if you don’t maintain your side of the agreement, you risk losing ownership of the valuables placed.

Understand that you are provided the loan in good faith and ensure that you keep up with the payments. Our iLoans team considers your affordability and we will guide you in choosing an amount that will not set you back. Ultimately, your Bad Credit History Loan is your responsibility and can be a fresh start in redeeming yourself and taking back control.

The Loan Application Process is Simple

It only takes a few minutes to complete our online application form and submit it. We will work quickly and discreetly to provide you with a loan that makes a difference. Let iLoans help you acquire a Bad Credit History Loan and look forward to a solution that works for you!